Welcome to the Developer Portal

We’ve built Afero to be accessible to a broad range of developers, from novice to expert. Our development boards allow you to experiment within minutes of unpacking!

Quick Links

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Getting Started

  • Read an overview of the Afero Platform.
  • Understand our core development concepts.
  • Read and refer to our Glossary for a clear understanding of concepts and instructions.
  • Install the Afero mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Download and install the Afero Profile Editor.

Building Devices

  • Read our Firmware and Hardware docs to get your device ready for programming.
  • Define and program your device with Afero Profile Editor, following the Profile Editor User Guide.
  • Use the Afero Inspector web app to look inside your device definitions.
  • If you have an MCU on your developer device, refer to the afLib docs to use the library in your MCU application.
  • For MCU firmware updates, use the Afero OTA Manager web app to update the MCU firmware.
  • Create a standalone developer hub using the Developer Hub setup instructions.
  • Access cloud functions using our Cloud API.
  • Monitor and evaluate your device deployments and usage with the Afero Console.