Inspector User Guide

The Afero Inspector provides a real-time, in-depth view of the state of each device associated with a given Afero account. The tool is useful for developers when testing and debugging device behavior.

You can open the Inspector by going to then signing in with your Afero developer account.

The Inspector Main Window

After you sign in, the Inspector Main window appears:

Inspector Main Window

The left-hand navigation pane has two sections:

  • Device Types - All the device types associated with your account. The device type is the name you assigned when creating a profile in the Afero Profile Editor.
  • Recent Devices - The last five devices you’ve viewed in your currently signed-in session.

To the left of the selected device is an orange bar. The summary information about this device is displayed in the right-hand pane. If the device is a Preview Device or if you’ve given your device a friendly name in the mobile app, that information will appear in the far-right column.

To hide/show the left-hand navigation pane, click this menu icon in the top bar: Inspector Menu.

To the right of the menu icon is the Accounts drop-down menu, which lists all the accounts that you own or have been invited to join. The account name is listed first with the User ID in parentheses.

To display detailed information about the selected device, click anywhere on the device’s summary information line in the right-hand pane. The detailed view is described below.

The Device Details Window

After you select a specific device in the Main window, the Device Details window opens. The details are grouped by category and are described in detail below:

Inspector Device Details Window

Device Information

This section contains identification details that you have defined for the device in the Afero Profile Editor, as well as system-assigned information, such as device location and update status. The icon you assigned the device appears in the upper-right corner.

Field Description Example
deviceId Unique alphanumeric string assigned to every Afero Platform device. 01231732d62ca571
profileId Unique alphanumeric string assigned to a device profile. ED2B11B7-1597-42E7-8E0A-3F1AF92E347D
updating Whether or not the device is currently receiving and installing a firmware update. True or False
createdTimestamp When the device was first associated with an account. September 9th 2015, 4:51 pm
virtual Whether or not a device is “virtual”; that is, either: 1) a “Preview” device created in the Afero Profile Editor, or 2) one of the non Afero smart devices that are supported by Afero (e.g., Nest Learning Thermostat). True or False
disconnectNotificationLevel How to notify customers after the detection of a device disconnection. Low - After 15 minutes, badge notification only.
Medium - After 10 minutes email, push, and badge notifications; suppressed for 8 hours.
Important - After 5 minutes, email, push, and badge notifications; suppressed for 4 hours.
Critical - After 1 minute, email, push, and badge notifications; suppressed for 30 minutes.
developerDevice Whether or not the device is associated with a developer account. True or False
partnerId Unique alphanumeric string assigned to the partner the user is associated with. 3BFFBED9-D443-4962-89D1-59B4B06E3864
deviceTypeId Universally unique identifier (UUID) value that maps to a specific Device Type (thermostat, washing machine, camera, etc.). DeviceTypeId values are unique across the platform. 0B84D736-240D-4D2D-9696-34B9DF138F49
Location Last Reported Date when device was last online. April 3rd 2017, 10:53 am
Latitude Latitude of last location reported. 48.41589975
Longitude Longitude of last location reported. -123.31849336

User Information

Most of the information in this section was provided by the user when they registered for an Afero account.

Field Description Example
First Name User’s given name. Gloria
Last Name User’s surname or family name. Ellison
User ID Unique alphanumeric string assigned to a user. 47622660-D8BE-40CB-9F7B-3A4B953458CE
Email Email address used by the user to register their Afero account.
Last Signin Date when the user last signed in to the Afero Inspector. April 3rd 2017, 10:18 am


This section displays the connection state of the device; if it’s online, the hub it’s using as well as the strength of the Bluetooth connection are shown.

Field Description Example
Online Status Whether or not the device is currently online. Online/Offline
Hub(s) on Account Hub that the device is connected to. RSSI to device
Last Reported Bluetooth RSSI Received Signal Strength Indicator depends on distance and the broadcasting power value of the beacon. At maximum Broadcasting Power (+4 dBm) the RSSI ranges from -26 (a few inches) to -100 (40-50 m distance). -46

Device Attributes and Afero System Attributes

The next sections detail the activity of device attributes. Some attribute values can be edited in real-time when the device is online; these values are indicated with a pencil icon Pencil Icon. Click the icon to edit and submit a different value.

Afero system attributes are generally set by the service and read by the module, but they can also be set by the module. They are hidden from the MCU. For a description of these attributes, refer to Device Attribute Registry.

Field Description Example
Attribute ID Attributes are identified by a 2-byte ID and can contain a variable amount of information based on the type of attribute. Attributes can come in many types and have specific ID ranges. 1024
Attribute Name Name assigned to this attribute. You assign device attributes in the Afero Profile Editor. LED
Value Current value of the attribute. 1
Operations Operation mode of the attribute. Inputs are read-only; Outputs are read/write. READ or READ/WRITE
Last Update Time Timestamp of when the attribute was last changed. 11:58:44 am, Apr 04

Device History Panel Attributes

This section lists the activity (events) between all your devices and Afero in the past 12 hours.

Field Description Example
Attribute ID Unique numeric identifier of an attribute changed by a given activity. 1024
Attribute Name Name assigned to this attribute. You assign device attributes in the Afero Profile Editor. Power
Value Resulting value of an attribute changed by a given activity. 0
Timestamp Time when a given activity occurred. 2:44:44 pm, May 11