afLib Release Notes

Afero afLib3 R1.0

Release date: August 9, 2018

General changes:

  • Atmel SAMD21 support (UART only).
  • Linux support for connectivity to ASR-1 and ASR-2 via UART.

When used in conjunction with Firmware R2.0 and later:

  • New, more logical API.
  • Better handling of MCU attributes with default values. These are now differentiated in the callback when they're sent to the MCU.
  • More granular event-handling in callback to simplify usage.
  • MCU OTA support. You can upload and deploy new firmware for your connected MCU via the Afero OTA Manager. Read more in Handling MCU OTA Updates.
  • New system attributes:
    • AF_ONLINE_STATUS will tell you if ASR is connected to the Afero Cloud.
    • AF_DEVICE_ID enables retrieval of the device ID using af_lib_get_attribute().
    • AF_ASSOCIATION_ID enables retrieval of the association ID using af_lib_get_attribute().
  • New Modulo states:
    • AF_MODULE_STATE_INITIALIZED indicates initialization is complete, and it's safe for MCU to call af_lib_set_attribute*().
    • AF_MODULE_STATE_RELINKED can be used to differentiate a link state at reboot from a link state after the device may have dropped offline.
  • Added function af_lib_asr_has_capability() to allow the MCU to query the ASR firmware for supported features.

Afero afLib R1.3 and afLib2 R2.0

Release date: April 2, 2018

afLib R1.3

  • Deprecation of C++ afLib.
  • Added defines around debug prints in afBlink example so we don’t run out of memory on Arduino Uno.

afLib3 R2.0

  • Initial public release of C afLib, called afLib2.
  • Updated all example apps to use afLib2.