afLib Result Codes

The following result codes are defined in af_lib.h:

Result Interpretation
AF_SUCCESS The operation completed successfully.
AF_ERROR_UNKNOWN An unknown error occurred.
AF_ERROR_BUSY ASR is busy; you could try your request again in a few moments.
AF_ERROR_INVALID_COMMAND The command could not be parsed.
AF_ERROR_QUEUE_OVERFLOW The queue is full.
AF_ERROR_QUEUE_UNDERFLOW The queue is empty.
AF_ERROR_INVALID_PARAM You used an invalid input parameter.
AF_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED What you tried to do is not supported.
AF_ERROR_NOT_CREATED The ASR library has not been created yet.
AF_ERROR_TIMEOUT What you tried to do took too long and timed out.
AF_ERROR_NO_SUCH_ATTRIBUTE The request made was for an unknown attribute ID.
AF_ERROR_INVALID_DATA The data for the given attribute was incorrect.
AF_ERROR_FORBIDDEN What you tried to do is not permitted.
AF_ERROR_ASR_REBOOTING We can’t do what you requested at this moment because ASR is rebooting. All GET/SET calls will return this error until the AF_SYSTEM_ASR_STATE_ATTR_ID attribute update is received from ASR.